I got a nice feedback a few days ago from one of my Etsy costumers and she sent me a picture of the yarn she spun from the Wensleydale wool she got from me. She spun it so beautifully  and she mentioned that it was her second attempt at Navajo plying. I haven’t dare to try on my own. But after seeing this yarn, I will try soon.

Navajo plyed by Linda

Thanks for the picture Linda! And thanks for your support! You made my day!

3 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I feel so honored to have my yarn posted here! If I had known that the picture would be so honored, I would have dusted the spinning wheel before taking the photo! I always look forward to seeing what you have been dying. Thank you!


  2. that wensledale looks gorgeous! – ive always wanted to spin wensleydale – its tax time here soon so i know my refund is going to spent on some wensleydale fibre to spin 😀


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