Feeling Blue?

Oh well, when was the last time I posted something on my blog? Last week? It has been busy. And when Keith has one those diverticulitis flare ups, everything else goes on hold.  He has to go into a liquid diet until he feels better. And for me, I get a bit anxious. Just because last year he spent nine painful days at the hospital. Pretty scary stuff! But meanwhile, I was able to finish my socks! My very first pair of socks!


I’m not that trilled with my choice of colors, but that’s what I had available at that time. The heel flap came out a bit longer, but I will know what to do next time. I’m looking forward knitting another pair, but this time will be with superwash wool; something that I will be able to trow  in the washing machine without worry that it will shrink.

This month I’m participating again on the Phat Fiber Box Sample and the theme for this month is Ocean. I got so inspired by the idea, that I started playing with blues. Blue is a color that I don’t tend to work with a lot. I feel more comfortable working with reds and browns. But the little blue bug got me and I started dyeing some fibers and yarn in blues.


Oops! It seems that my drying rack is collapsing. Any way. So, for my samples I’m using local wool that I got from Cherry Ridge Farm in Sebastopol. The wool is such a pleasure to work with. Beautiful  Corridale with a staple of about 8 inches without even pulling the curl! And so soft! I’m having a good time dyeing it and carding it.

Corridale and Angelina Fiber

I also add some Mohair curls that I got from the same farm. And of course, some sparkle. Angelina Fiber in blues (yes, more blue) and some Firestar Fiber.

Corridale in my carder

I was able to get batts of about 3 oz each.


And here are my final samples! Ready to be mailed!


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