Rediscovering the wheel?

There are days when I feel that I don’t know how to start, and what colors to combine, but I don’t let this to bother me, instead I see it as a challenge. So what I do is to get a watercolor tray and I start putting colors together to see what goes and what doesn’t combine at all. I enjoy playing with colors that when mix them together, creates a third one. So, this method I have, has worked really well for me so far.


But yesterday, something  suddenly click in to my mind when I was dyeing some roving. I had an AHA! moment. Why I never though of this! I realized that I found a new way of applying the dye to my roving. I’m sure that I haven’t discover the wheel, but things came into place somehow and realized that sometimes we are so afraid to think outside the box that we forget to play, and just do things because we know that is safe, because it works for everybody else, or just because we don’t have the time to experiment and play! We get caught up into the production mode (I know I do) and  time equals money. I take my job very seriously, but I forget that I work for myself.  Yes, time is precious but, I should remember to use some of it to explore the possibilities.

I was able to get some roving done and a bunch of fleece that I bought from Judy in Sebastopol.


I also dye a pound of yarn for a project I have in mind. I hope to do it soon and not leave it in the “for later” bin.


I’m very happy with the fleece results. Some of it will be use for the Phat Sample Box. The theme of the next month will be Ocean and I’m very excited about it. Now I just need some help from mother nature, so, I hope she sends me some sunshine soon. It has been gray and damp lately.

Mohair locksSome mohair locksCorridale wool

This is some Corridale wool


And more Corridale from Judy. My hands are itching from excitement. I can’t wait to be able to card it and spin it.

Merino Roving

This is a new colorway. This is some Wensleydale and Merino wool. I’m thinking calling it Rhubarb Patch. It will be in my Etsy shop soon. Tomorrow I will try to post some of my new roving. Have a great day! Patricia.

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