Spring and swallows

When springs comes, I’m always happy and eager to see the swallows take residence of their box nests. My husband makes sure that the nests are clean and ready for them to take residency. We love to have our breakfast in the morning and watch them going back and forth interacting with each other.


Keith thinks that we get the same couple every year, because when they first come, they know where the nests are, and don’t hesitate to take over the box.


There is a little song that my grandmother used to sing to me. I don’t know the origin of it, but it is an old nursery rhyme from the  XIX  century.

Golondrinita, golondrinita,
de donde acabas de llegar
de Lejos vengo.
de lejos vengo
del otro lado del mar.
Vengo a esperar a la primavera

que muy pronto llegará

y si quieres mientras llega

yo te enseñaré a volar.

And the translation goes:

Little Swallow, little swallow
where you just get from
I come from afar
I come from afar
across the sea
I’ve come to expect in the spring
that will soon arrive,
And if you want to, ( while the spring arrives)

I’ll show you to fly.

Litttle Swallow

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