Meet Lola

I’ve been so busy lately with dyeing roving, spinning and having to mind the store, that I forgot to introduce Lola. I was really eager to try my new spinning wheel that I forgot to take pictures  of her. As I said in my first post, I was really anxious waiting for her. Almost a whole month! Fortunately, for me I went to México to visit my family. Otherwise, the waiting period  was going be too unbearable for me. Not to say that I had to spend most of my vacation time at the hospital, because my mom went into a diabetic coma.  I’m so thankful she is fine now. She actually left the hospital the day before my departure. I had to take a vacation after my vacation in México just to rest from the stressful time I spent at the hospital! But finally, Lola is here. Ta ra rannnnn!

My Lola. Majacraft spinning wheel

Please forget the mess in the background. She is a little powerhouse. I have been enjoying spinning with her every single minute. I’ve carded some Cotswold, merino, mohair, firestar into a batt.

Merino, costwold, mohair batt

I like the little glitz that the firestar adds to the fiber. The pictures doesn’t show enough of it. I wish I can capture the real color. This is a really nice yarn…

Lola in accion

And this is Lola in accion:


Next, I have plans to spin some llama that I got from a friend. I will keep you posted…

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