Roving update and a funny gull story

I’m updating my Etsy store with new Merino/Bamboo roving. The colors are beautiful and the roving is really soft.

merino/bamboo roving

The first to show is Eastern Egg Hunt and is a blend of 60% merino and 40% bamboo.

Eastern Egg Hunting

Pinwheel. Same blend of Merino/Bamboo


Purple Trance. Merino/Bamboo blend.

Purple Trance

Salt marsh. Merino/Bamboo blend

Salt marshCoral Reef. Merino/Bamboo blend

Coral ReefNow, here is my gull story:

This morning I had my wool outside and all my camera setting, when I saw a gull very curious watching me.

Snoopy gull

Eventually, the gull got closer, and closer…

Snoopy gull


I had to go inside the kitchen for some tape I needed to fasten my background to the table and ZASS! The gull takes off with one of my beautiful roving! I just couldn’t believed it! That sucker! It took me a while to react. Should I be mad or laugh?  I couldn’t but laugh. Keith says that they make their nests with seaweed. Well this little sucker will luxuriate in a bed of bamboo and supersoft merino roving.

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