Concord, MA

DH and I spent the weekend in Concord visiting friends. It was a really treat. Friday morning, we got up early and headed towards downtown. We spent the day playing tourist taking pictures, and checking every single store. Temperature: about 26 ℉. Big deal for me. I grew up in the tropics!

Concord, MA

And as I said, we visited really cute stores:

There is so much history in this place that is difficult to see everything in one day! I wish I had time to visit museums and the houses of famous writers like Louisa M. Alcott whose books I read when I was about 12 years old.

The next day we head towards the coast to the town of Rockport and have lunch there. Rockport is a picturesque small town in the Atlantic with shops, galleries and restaurants.  This building is one of the most painted and photographed subjects in this town.Rockport, MA

Fun to just walk around…

Rockport shopping st.

Interesting doors and windows…


And icicles…

Icicles in the town of Rockport, MA

Icicles in the town of Rockport, MA

Me again, having a good time…

We came back home on Sunday night. I hope to go back again, maybe next summer…

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