Finally, alpaca roving dry

I was able to get some of the roving dry today. Tomorrow we’ll have another sunny day (apparently) and the rest of the roving will get dry.


I feel that I got something accomplished today. I really pay attention at how the roving gets dry because it starts to fluff up and the true colors slowly shows up.

alpaca roving getting dry

I will be posting the roving next week in my Etsy store. Stay tune…

Alpaca roving

Meanwhile, when I was removing a batt from the drum carder,  I realized how much it looked like cotton candy…

Batt that looks like cotton candy

On my way to my working studio I had to stop to this place and get my camera ready. I saw some Canada Geese wandering in the field trying to find some earth worms to feed on.

Canada Geese

And having a good time…Canada Geese

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