Knock knock, is anyone there?

Hello again after a looooooooong break! It has been a while since the last of what I would call my regular posts. There has been a bit of shifting with my time as my business has grown busier (no complaints) and I’ve been trying to catch up. At the end of the day I was feeling exhausted thinking about writing on my blog and at the same time, I got a bit overwhelmed by all of the social media options available.

Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about my blog and wanting to share like I used to. So, this post is going to be a long one because there is a lot to catch up with.

France (last year’s visit)

I sort of visited France for the first time last year. What got me there? I took a class with the wonderful Heidi Greb. I remember watching a couple of videos on Youtube a few years ago where Heidi talked about her work and her technique. I was very much intrigued and thinking about it on and off for years, and wanting badly to take a workshop with her until one day I saw on FB an announcement about a felting workshop with Heidi. I don’t remember hesitating much before signing up, except that the only thing was that the class was going to be held in France! I thought: Maybe this is the time to visit France for the first time.
So, I gathered all my materials, my tools, and a few garments, and I flew to Toulouse.
The short time that I was there for the class was well spent. Even though the class was held in French, I was able to understand well enough what she was teaching, and Heidi was very nice and patient to make a pause from time to time to explain it to me in English.

During the class we also took a few breaks in between and visited the Niaux Caves and an old mill.

The cave’s paintings left a big impression on me. It made me reflect on the time, and also, about the ability to stand in front of a wall, thousands of years later, on the same spot, and witness the same artwork created back in Paleolithic times. Believe me, it gives you a sort of chill in the back of your head. The strokes of the drawings seem so simple at the first, but when you look closely at the details, the artists had the sophisticated eye to use the natural lines of the rocks to make the shape of an animal. Some paintings have only the lines of the head drawn, followed by a natural crack in the rock with the shadows indicating to your brain and eyes that there is the rest of the body perfectly shaped!

Le Moulin

The visit to the mill was so much fun!

Sadly, it hasn’t been operating for a while, but there is a team of people, the Sibada Laines Association, working hard on making the mill operable again. There is a campaign created to raise the funds needed to make this happen.

We were able to walk inside and explore as long as we wanted.

On the way back to our place, we also encountered hundreds of sheep all marked with a blue heart crossing the road. We had to stop and wait a few minutes before we could continue, but it was fun to watch and listen to the cacophony of sounds of a combination of the bells and baaas.

There are two breeds from this area that I kept hearing about, the Merino d’Arles and Tarasconnaise Merino. You can click on the names to redirect you to more information if you want to learn more about these breeds. I was able to buy a batt of the latter at the store next to the mill and I’ve been using it in my felting. The Tarrasconnaise felts fast and it is very soft.

Our group stopping for a picnic
Our school
My finished piece.

Intruduction to Nuno Felting Class at Windrush Farm in Petaluma

Introduction to Nuno Felting

Saturday, October 26th, 10am-4pm

Sleeping Beauty WrapA5312AD3-C751-4A8F-AE47-19B2775FB49D05B79757-4FC2-449E-A1CC-D8CC57AF6927

If you want to learn how to make Nuno felt, then this is the class for you. You don’t need to have any experience to take this class. All you need is a desire to learn to make a beautiful one of a kind piece of wearable art. This technique is great for making lightweight garments, especially scarves and wraps using silk and soft Merino wool. Patricia will have silk hankies, merino wool, silk fabric, novelty yarn and more for you to experiment and play with. She will walk you through each step of the process and be there to answer any questions. This will be a fun class. Mistakes are a plus!

Please bring comfortable shoes and clothing, as you will be on your feet most of the day. Bring something for the potluck lunch. All the supplies and materials will be provided.

This class will be taught by the wonderful Patricia Briceno who is a professional Nuno felter, spinner, knitter, and dyer. She has a roving dye company Beesybee Fiber on FB and her work is sold at Black Mountain Artisans in Pt. Reyes. We are excited to have her teaching at Windrush Farm.

$125 (includes materials). Class limited to 12 students.

For registration, please visit this link:



It is that time of the year again!

Join us for 2 special Sundays this year at our annual Holiday Art Fair. This year we will be doing 2 days, Sunday November 25th and Sunday December 2nd, 10am-4pm both days.


There will be 14 wonderful artists and a few different ones each Sunday. Get your gift list ready, there will be jewelry, paintings, ceramics, woodwork, handmade brooms, fiber, weavings and more. 
Rain or shine!

Shop Local & Support Local Artists. 


NEW! Nuno Felt at Windrush Farm in Petaluma

If you want to learn how to make a nuno felt scarf, then this is the class for you!

This is a class great for beginners. The class is so much fun! Nuno felt is almost like making a collage, with so many possibilities with color, textures, shapes, fabric, etc. Once the basics of this technique are learned, the sky is the limit. I love to teach beginners because they show up to the class ready to experiment with something new and exciting. I also love teaching, because I always learn something new from my students. And to make it even more exciting, the setting is in a beautiful farm owned by my friend Mimi Luebbermann. For more information and to sign up, please go to I can also be reached with a message using the contact form located in the Contact section of this blog. Oh, yes, my favorite line: Mistakes are a must!


Sleeping Beauty, not a Tale, but a Wrap

I’ve been on a felting roll lately (that’s my husband’s words). I was having a bit of a hard time working on the floor, because it kills my back, but I figured that by pausing from time to time to do a few stretches in between, I can still feel pretty good the next day after working on a large piece.

One of the benefits of selling wool is that I get to try them all on my own work. In particular, this blend was designed with the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in mind. The mines are located in Arizona by the way.

I had dyed a few yards of pongee silk a few years ago, that until a few days ago, I couldn’t decide how to use it. It was one of those things that suddenly enters my mind and then the next moment, I find I’m immersed into a project with a solid idea of what I want to do. I like that!

To recreate the effect of the matrix that runs through some turquoise stones, I added thin lines of Bamboo Topaz. It also makes a nice contrast against the blue.

Spinning, Dyeing and Spinolution Wheels!

I’m so glad that spring is almost here! It has been an unusually rainy season here in Northern California. It has been wet, windy and gray. I can’t wait for the sunshine to warm up my cold head.

I went to Dharma the other day to get some dyes that I needed and I also ordered a bunch of fiber stuff to gear up towards my dyeing sessions. I miss my dye pots! As soon as the weather warms up a little more and the ground feels a little more solid, I will be spending more time in my studio. On one of those stormy days, my car got stuck in the driveway when I went to pick up packages. I called AAA to rescue me. Thank you very much!

I’m rather out of most of my hand dyed fibers in the shop and I think it is about time to start restocking them.

I would like to officially announce that I’m a new Spinolution dealer. TA-DA! It just seemed like a logical move for me. I have owned my wonderful Mach I since the company launched their first spinning wheels. It has been my work horse wheel.

Mach III

For demonstration purposes, I will have the Firefly, (I’m beyond ecstatic about this electric wheel), the Pollywog (a great starting wheel) and my Mach I if you are thinking about trying any of them. If you are interested, just send me an email located on my contact section, or hop on over to my online shop for more info.


Support your local artists! Shop local! Sunday November 27th

You are invited to the Windrush Farm Holiday Art Sale!!

Sunday November 27th , from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Where? At Windrush Farm 2263 Chileno Valley Road, Petaluma, CA 94952

Once again, Mimi is hosting this wonderful event with local artists and crafters and she will have her outdoor oven baking delicious hand made pizzas, so make sure to come hungry! Mimi has invited me again to join the crowd and I will be bringing for sale my hand dyed wool and silk. Rain or Shine!!

Art Fair



New Class!! Learn to make a hat!

Hello Makers! West County Fiber Arts in Sebastopol will be hosting once again a felting class! I hope you can join me on this new journey. I will be teaching a Hat Making Class using a resist that will allow to create shapes, textures and to add your personal and special touch to your project. I will show how to design a hat from scratch. We will be starting by making our own pattern using our own measurements. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

You will be surprised at how many options there are when designing a hat. Lately, I’ve been immerse into hat making just because it is fun and to also have a few examples to show to my students for inspiration.

Working on a hat

dsc_7802 dsc_7794

Spiral Hat

This is a hat that was ALMOST a failure! It was meant to be a rose, but instead it became something weird that started to look like a lump. Or perhaps a nipple?

Lumpy Hat Lumpy Hat Lump go away!

I didn’t liked it at all! It looked somehow disturbing. So I decided to perform surgery with a pair of scissors. dsc_7769

This is much, much better. I’m thinking of adding some design elements with a sewing machine.

Rose Hat

As I said… This can be a journey! If you are interested on taking my class, follow the link below for more information and registration.



First Annual Fiber Flea Market & Spin In!

Sunday, October 9th, 10am-4pm

Join us this Sunday for a day of fiber and fun!

At Windrush Farm in Chileno Valley
2263 Chileno Valley Road
Petaluma, CA 94952

Shop from local vendors who will be selling carders, spinning wheels, roving, yarn, knit wear, and more. Bring your spinning wheel or knitting project, and join the spin in. There will be goodie bags for participating spinners. Don’t worry if you can’t bring your wheel, there will be extra spinning wheels and carders to use for the spin in.


Bring a yummy dish to share at the lunch pot luck. The apple tree is full and needs to be picked, so bring a bag and take home some fresh apples.
It will be a fun day to do some shopping, spinning, knitting, and hang out with other fiber enthusiasts.

Looking forward to seeing you on the farm.

Check out for details.



Color Palette – Pink Agate

I’ve been playing with making color palettes from random photographs. This one ended up on a colorway that I called Pink Agate (although the more I compare the picture with the crystals I have, this looks more like a Rhodocrosite):


50/50 Merino Silk Blend

50/50 Merino Silk Blend

This is silk chiffon dyed for the feltmakers in mind.

Hand Dyed Silk Chiffon

Hand Dyed Silk Chiffon

They are both listed in my shop now for purchase ; )