Phat Fiber – How Does Your Garden Grow?

I got very excited about the Phat Fiber theme for this month. Each month that I get to participate I feel like it’s a good opportunity to challenge myself to come up with a new colorway, but this month I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what colors I wanted to have. This is because I recall working on this set of colors a few years ago and I liked it so much, that I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to recreate the colors again. So, here is the top dyed on a BFL/Silk base. Oh, yes, the colorway is called PAPAYA. Well, I grew up in Yucatan, and this is a fruit that I’m very familiar with. It grows almost wild everywhere in Yucatan, and we, of course, had them in our orchard. I vividly remember the Orioles, Parrots and other tropical birds feeding off the fallen fruit. When it was in season, we had it in every single imaginable way. Fresh Papaya salad, smoothies, candied, dried, with lemon and chile, ice cream. The whole town would smell like Papaya (rotten papaya). There was no way that I could escape from consuming some. Now, I don’t have to work hard to recall the smell of it.

Papaya BFL/Silk Combed Top

These are the samples before they got to be braided. They look like cinnamon rolls to me.

Papaya samples

Papaya Samples

And here are the mini braids ready to be sent.



The contributors that signed up for this month are listed on this page, and if you would like to be notified,  follow this link here to sign up. I will have the full version available in my shop  today.



I finished a couple of new vests the weekend before last. I decided to work with some of the beautiful fabric that I was gifted a few years ago by Teri Jo Summer. It was interesting to observe how the felting transforms the prints and colors. They became more intense and defined. I really like the patchwork effect. The finished fabric also has a nice handle.

Felted Vest Felted Vest detal Felted Vest back detail

This is the second vest that I made.

Fuschia Vest Front

Fuschia Vest front detail

Fuschia Vest back

I used some thick fabric that I think is wool, and consequently I had a hard time getting the fabric felted into the project, and at the end  I decided to add a few stitches to keep it in place. I will be experimenting more with this technique.


More spinning

This is from a Malabrigo top that I got a couple of weeks ago in a new craft shop in Mill Valley called Once Around. While I was visiting the store it felt like being inside a candy store. I liked their array of merchandise and I couldn’t resist the impulse of purchasing some wool that was for sale. I think this color is called Mostaza (Mustard). I decided to spin a two ply yarn with it.

Malabrigo wool Malabrigo wool Malabrigo wool Malabrigo wool Malabrigo wool

And here is some plain white merino wool combined with some randomly picked sari silk threads and a little Angelina spark. I love the white against the bright jewel tone colors of the sari silk threads.

Merino and Sari Silk threads Merino and Sari Silk threads Merino and Sari Silk threads Merino and sari silk two ply yarn Merino and sari silk two ply yarn Merino and sari silk two ply yarn

I’m thinking of combining the sari silk thread with other colors and spin some more textural yarns.


On the needles

This “little” project has been on my needles for a while. Way too long. My intention is to make a knitted shrug in a circle. It sounds simple, right? That’s what I thought. That this project would be a no brainer. This is my third try so far. I’ve been trying to do a flat circle with not much luck at the beginning. I either made a concave shape out of it, or it started to grow with ruffles all around, meaning that, I wasn’t increasing enough to keep the circle flat, or working too many increases. I almost finished the project the first time but it didn’t look right, so I decided to unraveled and start again. The second time it was beginning to look like a bowl again. :( Unraveled. Started once again. This time it seems that the circle is flat. No bowls, no ruffles. Third time’s the charm and now, I’m happy knitting away.

Circular Shrug

Circular Shrug progress

Circular Shrug progress

The yarn comes from a local source. The sheep was raised here in Bolinas and the wool I believe was processed near Davis at the Yolo Wool Mill. The color has a dark brown shade that doesn’t show in the pictures.

I finally got hold of some Vodka to soak my Osage Orange to extract the color. I’m using this method that I found here. Next time I will try with madder roots.

Osage Orange soaking.

Have you seen Christopher Walken knitting? Ha! Funny!



Lazy Sunday

Well, kind of… I didn’t sleep well last night and as a consequence, I didn’t have the full energy to start a big felting project today, so I decided to finish spinning this roving that I started a few days ago. Obviously it will be a two ply yarn. This is my Tuscany colorway in SW Merino. It took me a while at first to get control  of the slippery fiber, but I’m rather enjoying it now.

Two ply Tuscany SW Merino

Two ply Tuscany SW Merino

Tuscany two ply




I think it’s time for another giveaway! I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I wanted to offer something special this time, so I decided to contact Ashley Martineau,  the author of the book Spinning & Dyeing Yarn:

Spinning and Dyeing Yarn

Spinning and Dyeing Yarn

Ashley has a beautiful website where she offers her book and spinning videos for sale and it happens that I’m one of the featured fiber artists in the book (Page 64)! The book itself is beautiful and the information is very useful for the beginning fiber enthusiast and also for the experienced ones.

So, here is the Giveaway. I will be offering the book signed by Ashley and  4 oz of my hand dyed Merino from my shop. Yes, you will choose the colorway of your liking!

To enter all you have to do is go to the Raflecopter and get the points!

Feb Giveaway!

Good luck!